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Cacao / Dark Cherry / Muscovado

A perfectly rounded and well balanced espresso blend from Cauca, Colombia and Rulindo, Rwanda. A 50 / 50 blend with a cacao nibs bitterness to cut through and compliment milk, a gentle fruity acidity reminiscent of dark cherries, and a malty, molasses like sweetness akin to muscovado sugar. The pull from each of these characteristics results in a full bodied, big crema, boozy espresso. A syrupy, rich and fruity long black. And a smooth, chocolatey, moreish flat white.

Origin: Tacueyo Reserve, Toribio, Cauca, Colombia

Altitude: 1600-2000 masl

Varietal: Colombia, Caturra, Típica, Castillo y Tabí

Processing: Fully Washed

Origin: Nkanga, Kinini, Rusiga & Mbogo, Rulindo, Rwanda

Altitude: 1925-2200 masl

Varietal: Bourbon Mayaguez 139 & 71

Processing: Fully Washed

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