Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva

from 7.50

Vanilla / Caramel / Raisin

There’s a cherry liqueur note to this coffee with a dried fruit finish all due to the experimentation in wet fermentation on Finca Villa Nueva. Hints of vanilla and a caramel sweetness are most present on a gentle V60 filter cup. A full bodied well rounded cup as French Press and Espresso. This is Don Jose’s first export as a micro-lot from Finca Villa Nueva, Suaita. Jose Angel Gomez purchased the farm 6 years ago - 120 acres of virgin forest interspersed with cassava, honey plantain, free range cattle, chickens and a fish farm fed by the River Toloto. Just over 10% of the land is dedicated to organically grown Castilla Arabica coffee protected by shade trees.

Origin: Finca Villa Nueva, Suaita, Santander, Colombia

Altitude: 1650 masl

Varietal: Castilla

Processing: Fully Washed & Sun Dried

Brew: Espresso / French Press / V60

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