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Our story

The Roasting Shed is a small batch, speciality coffee roastery based in Hackney Wick, East London. Since the day we started, back in our garden shed, our philosophy has remained the same: uncompromising quality of product and service.

Our speciality coffee beans are roasted in small batches to ensure their unique flavours are highlighted and enhanced. The beans are fully traceable and sourced through a responsibly-minded transparent supply chain. Our mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships with growers and co-operatives, who are committed to respecting the environment and people.

As artisan roasters we strive to bring out the perfect balance of flavours within a single origin coffee, so that each note can be found in your cup. We hope you enjoy the results. 


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Looking for commercial equipment?

Setting up a new coffee shop? We can provide you with expert advice on which equipment is right for you. Whether you’re a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or an office, let us know what your requirements are and we’ll be happy to help.


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Espresso #075

Almond / Dark Chocolate / Maple Syrup

Presenting our seasonal Espresso blend #075. Seeing the return of the 50% Boa Esperança natural process giving the classic Brazilian nutty foundation that compliments milky drinks perfectly. As a flat white, the balance of these two wonderful coffees allow the espresso to cut through to produce a rich, dark chocolate, almond-like notes. The 50% fully washed Guatemalan is more present in long blacks where deep syrupy sweetness and gentle stone fruit notes can be picked up. Designed with the Autumn in mind, this is a warming full bodied coffee that brings together the finest Latin Amercian speciality coffees.



Hazelnut / Caramel / Dark Chocolate

Liquidambar is back. The return of a Roasting Shed favourite. This is the second year we have worked with this experimental producer, joint owned by six farmers. A full-bodied washed coffee with dark chocolate notes. A remarkably nutty coffee with hints of almonds and hazelnuts. With a caramel sweetness to balance, this bean makes for a wonderful espresso or an everyday – all day cafetiere coffee.


Kagongo PB

Grapefruit / Cranberry / Cane Sugar

Kangono Peaberry, a beautifully dense rolling round bean.  Packed with critrus, tropical and berry fruits and a cane sugar jammy sweetness to finish. This is very complex coffee, very low in bitter notes, that will keep turning out new flavours as it cools. An incredible filter coffee and a big sweet cold brew.


Equipment shop

Whether you’re looking for a full home brewing system, or just the perfect mug for your morning coffee, we stock a wide range of equipment that will get you started. For recommendations or general advice, feel free to get in touch.